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3D effect isn't working, is it an issue with my 3D glasses?

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  • Last Updated 07/05/2015

3D effect isn't working, is it an issue with my 3D glasses?

symptom Symptom

           I cannot use the 3D effect on my TV.

Checkpoint Checkpoint

              Check communication between 3D Glasses and TV.

                 If the area is too bright, it can interfere with the communication

                 (The same applies to TVs from other brands).

How to fix How to fix

           1. 3D glasses communicate with TV and their colour changes during communication.

              Make sure no obstacles (such as a tissue box or a small photo frame)

                  are placed around the 3D emitter at the TV bottom  to avoid interference.

                 - Keep a distance of 2-7 meters from TV while watching.


                     Distance between TV and 3D glasses 



                                   3D glasses color change

L) Color during communication with TV          R) Color when not communicating with the TV



              2.  When the surrounding area is too bright, interference can occur due to the light.

                Turn off a fluorescent lamp or block out sunlight to avoid interference.



                            Interference due to light



                                     Restricted to rechargeable 3D Shutter glasses.

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