Hard drives / USB flash drives

Connecting a hard drive or a USB stick to your TV will allow you to  view your multimedia contents . You can play videos, music and view photos or pictures.

You can also  record programs  from the DTT or use automatic recording in delayed Time Machine (if your model allows).

In this guide we give you a series of recommendations to use the correct type of USB hard drive. 


General recommendations

The USB disk or USB stick that you connect to the TV could be damaged if you do not follow any of the recommendations . As a precaution, we recommend that you make a backup of your files on your computer before using the device with the TV. Users are solely responsible  for the management of their data,  LG Electronics  is exempt from any responsibility for the loss or modification of data that was stored on the hard disk.



Home Owners Drivers


  • Some USB disks may  not be compatible  or may not function properly. For example: those with automatic recognition programs integrated or using their own drivers.



Extension Cables


  • Do not use  USB extension cords  with the hard drive, it may not work properly.



Safely remove the unit


  • If you need to remove the device, read  this guide  to do it properly, otherwise you may damage the disc or the TV.





  • Use external USB hard drives that require a maximum of  500 mA. If the device exceeds these power requirements, the TV may not be able to supply you with the necessary power for proper operation. We recommend 2.5 "small external hard drives with no external power, so when you turn off the TV, the TV will also turn off the power to the disc and save energy.If the disc does not work, it may require more power than the one supplied by the USB port on the TV, in which case you switch from a disc to a smaller one, or use a 3.5 "external drive.

Hard disks compatible with webOS and Netcast

Our TVs have different operating systems:


  • WebOS , launched in 2014 and making up the majority of LG Smart TV.
  • Netcast , an older system, but still used in some models.


Depending on your operating system, the type of hard disk and how it should be formatted changes:

  • Uses USB hard drives formatted with the FAT32 or NTFS file system provided by the Windows operating system.

  • It is not necessary to format the disc, but we recommend it to improve the performance when recording.

  • Uses 2 TB of USB hard drives . 

  • In some versions of the Netcast system, if you want to use the disk to record, you must first initialize it. Enter the Time Machine function and select Start Device. Note that this will format the disk destroying all the information stored on it.
  • It uses USB disks with a minimum capacity of 40 GB and maximum of 2 TB.

Frequent questions

I follow the recommendations on the USB hard drive, but I can not record, why?

  • Ensure that you connect the hard drive to the Slot or USB Port 1 of the TV. It is the only one that allows you to record.
  • If you can play files from the hard drive, but you can not record, your model may not allow it. Make sure your TV supports hard disk recording.

Why can not I use a USB stick to record ?

  • Many memory pendrives do not have enough write speed maintained to support continuous recording. Modern TVs record high quality video (HD, 4K or higher).
  • USB memory has a maximum read / write cycle. When they get over, they stop working or they do it more slowly. High-definition video recording would increase the read / write cycles of a flash drive very quickly.
  • For these reasons, LG recommends using a USB hard drive.

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