Reset TV

This guide shows you step by step how to do a reset and restore the initial configuration of your webOS or NetCast system.


This procedure is very useful for solving errors or configuration of the settings menu, leaving all the options in their original factory settings.


IMPORTANT: Please note that this process will remove all  customised TV  settings, including: tuned channels, recordings,  custom input names, installed applications, stored Wi-Fi passwords, LG Store default user, etc. You will have to re-run the initial setup of the TV as when you first turn it on.


WebOS system

First, access the TV settings menu. You can read this guide to know how to do it.
Now follow these steps:


1. Access the General menu and click Reset to initial settings.

2. Confirm the message that appears.



Netcast system

Access the TV settings menu by pressing the SETTINGS button on the remote control. You can also do this with the Home button and searching the Settings / Settings menu.
Then follow these steps: 

1. Click the button on the left sidebar and then Reset to factory default.


2. Confirm the message that appears.



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