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[LG TV] Video: Unbox & wall mount an OLED TV (2015)

LG OLED TV - Unboxing & Wall Mounting Setup (2015)

Unboxing your LG TV.

1. Remove the packing tape and open the top of the box. Make sure the box is in the upright position.

2. Before removing any further packing material, place the set on a table (or on a flat surface).

3. Carefully grasp the TV from the side, whilst supporting the bottom.

4. Without pressing too hard on the screen, take the TV out from the box and set it on a flat surface.

Assembling your LG TV.


1. Remove the protective cover from the TV, starting at the bottom.

2. Reomve cover from stand and align the stand with the TV frame.

3. Insert corresponding screws and carefully tighten. (2 screws on each side)

Once stand is attached, lift the TV and place it on a desired place. (Do not pressure the TV screen)

Wall-mounting your LG TV.

- Keep the stand in case you need it in the future.

This step only applies to Masonry walls. For wooden studs, please drill screws diretly into the wooden studs. 

For more information, please refer to the OTW150 installation manual.

1. Begin attaching the bracket to the TV. Assemble the brackets - put the guide spacer and the guide spacer screw in order as shown.

2. Drill holes in the wall. Line up the screw locations on the wall to match the holes in the wall mount.

Use 8mm drill bit to makes holes between 80mm and 100mm deep. 

3. Place the screw in the hole and carefully hammer the anchors into the holes.

4. When fixing the wall mount to the wall, use 6 screws to hold it firmly in place. 

5. Align the TV bracket to the wall mount and carefully set into place.

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