• Easy Two-Person Installation
  • Extremely Reliable Battery and Scalable
  • One-stop service & 10-Year Warranty
  • High Efficiency PCS
  • Smart Energy Management and Remote System Monitoring


The LG Electronics ESS is a state-of-the-art home energy management system designed for homeowners ready to take control of their home energy usage. The LG ESS is offered in both an AC-coupled and DC-coupled configuration. The 7.6kW DC-coupled solution with an integrated high efficiency PV inverter is well suited for new solar PV + storage installations. The 5kW AC-coupled solution is ideal for customers looking to install an ESS in a home with an existing solar system.

The 7.6kW DC-coupled product offers unparalleled solar + storage performance, allowing homeowners to seamlessly store excess solar energy to power their home both day and night. The 5kW AC-coupled product can be easily added to an existing solar system, offering a reliable and cost-effective way to manage Time of Use (TOU) rates and provide backup power.
Product features include quick and easy installation, a compact and elegant design, and an integrated smart energy management system (EMS). The EMS enables customers to control their electric bill through self-consumption of solar and TOU rate smart scheduling, and includes an off-grid mode to protect the customer’s home in the event of a power outage.

LG Electronics' ESS is available in AC-coupled and CD-coupled configurations. 

<br><br>Easy Two-Person Installation1

Easy Two-Person Installation

All required components included for complete
install; Painless commissioning via Auto Self-Check
<br><br>Extremely Reliable Battery and Scalable1

Extremely Reliable Battery and Scalable

Up to 19.6kWh for longer back-up time;
Compatible with LG Chem RESU 10H
<br><br>One-stop service & 10-Year Warranty1

One-stop service & 10-Year Warranty

ESS can be paired with LG PV modules for a
single provider for all warranty issues
<br><br>High Efficiency PCS1

High Efficiency PCS

Achieving 97.5 CEC Efficiency;
Multi-String & MPPTs for multi-angled roof
<br><br>Smart Energy Management and Remote System Monitoring1

Smart Energy Management and Remote System Monitoring

Emergency Back-up;
24-7 energy monitoring


  • Compatible Battery Pack Size
    9.8 to 19.6 kWh @77°F(25°C ) Max. 2 in parallel
    Rated I/O Power
    5000 W
  • Peak I/O Power (10 sec)
    6000 W
    Acceptable Input Voltage Range
    Charge/DisCharge : 400 ~ 450 V DC / 350 ~ 430 V DC
  • Rated I/O Current
    Max. Charge/Discharge Current : 11.9 A@420 V / 14.3 A@350 V
    Peak I/O Current (10 sec)
    18.9 A@370 V
  • Cycle Efficiency Charging to Discharging (PCS Only)
    Peak > 95 %
    DC Disconnect
  • Fuse Rating
    30 A
    Battery Terminal
    Screw Type


  • Maximum Output Power
    5000 VA
    Grid Voltage Range
    a) 240 V AC +10%/-12%, (L-L) (b) 208 V AC +10%/-12%, (L-L)
  • Maximum AC Current
    24 A AC
    Frequency Range
    57 ~ 63 Hz
  • Power Factor
    Cos phi = 0.85c~0.85i Adjustable
    Harmonics Distortion
    TRD < 3%
  • Grid support compliance
    UL 1741 SA, CA Rule 21, HECO
    RGM *
  • Output Terminal
    Spring Type
    Pure Sin-wave Voltage
  • Peak Output Power (10 sec)
    6000 W
    AC Output Voltage Range
    240 V AC
  • Maximum AC current
    21 A
    Peak AC Current (10 sec)
    25 A
  • Voltage Harmonics Distortion @ 100% Resistor Load
    TRD < 3%
    Crest Factor (Max)
    2.5 @5000W


  • Isolation Level
    Type of Converter
  • Peak Efficiency
    CEC Efficiency
  • RTE
    BAT -> GRID : 98.0% | GRID -> BAT : 98.0%
    Operating Temperature
    -22 °F to 149 °F/ -30 ~ 65 ℃
  • De-rating Start Temp.
    Higher than 113F (45 ℃)
    0 ~95%
  • Maximum Operating Altitude
    3000m above sea level De-rating above 2000m
    Audible Noise
    < 40 dBA @ 1m
  • MTBF
    >500k hrs Calculated Acc. MIL Handbook


  • Dimensions (W x L x H)
    425 X 590 X 150 [mm]
    20 kg/44 lbs
  • Cooling
    Natural Convection
    Enclosure Material
    Aluminum Alloy
  • Installation Type
    Wall Mount, Horizontal support Indoor and Outdoor
    Enclosure Protection
    NEMA Type 4
  • Warranty
    10 years


  • Indicator
    5 LEDs
    Modbus (SunSpec)
  • Ethernet (optional)
    Standard (IPv4, IP6 Supported)
    Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    BLE (Support 4.0 or higher) Settings can be done through APP from Mobile phone
  • Remote Diagnose/Monitoring
    Bi-direction Through Cloud
    Remote Firmware Update
    Through Cloud (Optional)
  • Rapid Shutdown System


  • Energy Meter
    Offered by LG Electronics
    Auto-Transfer Switch
    Offered by LG Electronics


  • Safety Mark
    General Safety
    UL1741, CSA 22.2 No. 107-01
  • Software Safety
    Grounding Fault Detection
    UL1741 CRD, NEC 2014 Article 690.35
  • Anti-islanding Protection
    IEEE1547, IEEE1547.1
    FCC part 15 Class B
  • AFCI
    UL1699B (Type 1), NEC 2014 690.11
    Integrated meter
    ANSI C12.20 (meets 0.5% accuracy)
  • Grid support regulation
    California Rule 21 , HECO Compliant

To access more technical documentation and downloads, please visit the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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