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Eye of the beholder #3 -
Andreas Wannerstedt

Creating Beautiful Abstract Surroundings with LG SIGNATURE

"The details are not the details. They make the design." Quoting Charles Eames, a true pioneer of modern design, Andreas Wannerstedt, the Stockhom-based 3D artist and art director, stands by the belief that beauty always lies in the finer details. His work, while anchored in reality and inspired by nature, has become famous the world over for its surreal and abstract qualities.

Focusing on the interactions between shapes and spaces, Andreas is able to create sophisticated and whimsical portals into the world of physics, movement, and predictability. Popular for triggering a tremendously unique feeling of satisfaction, his ASMR-style animations relax viewers immensely by transporting them into an almost meditative state.

Like ultra-premium brand LG SIGNATURE, Wannerstedt believes technology drives shapes and inspires contemporary art. Deeply intertwined in both art and technology, he often breaks down the boundaries of physical laws in his work, especially the laws of gravity and friction.

Wannerstedt stated that he was inspired working with LG SIGNATURE products because they share his core philosophy and vision of embodying both technology and beauty - fulfilling a practical goal, but still pointing toward a sense of beauty, exclusivity and uniqueness that is not merely functional.

"I was truly inspired by how the brand's lineup combines advanced technology, true performance, and top-quality design perfectly," said Wannerstedt.

By sharing the same values as LG SIGNATURE, Wannerstedt was able to create two captivating art pieces to help visualize LG SIGNATURE products. By cleverly fitting his 3D artwork with two rotating cylinders to represent the premium appliance's two washing drums, TWINWash™ & Dual Control, he was able to strip the appliance down to its most important elements to portray its inner essence while highlighting its clean and minimal, yet striking design.

Wannerstedt presented the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K as the one-of-a-kind television that naturally blends with its surroundings by using a picture of an alternative version of the abstract environment. His artwork portrayed the same color, depth, and details alongside a giant pendulum only visible on the OLED 8K display.

Wannerstedt could not contain his excitement and enthusiasm for this collaboration with LG SIGNATURE, which deeply resonates with him. Like his artistic vison and philosophy, the brand eliminates every unnecessary element to achieve the pinnacle of beauty. Given the free creative rein with the project's concepts, he said, "I sincerely believe seeking such creative collaborations with contemporary artists like myself is a fantastic initiative from LG."

About Andreas Wannerstedt :

Born in 1981 in Trollhättan, Sweden, Andreas Wannerstedt is a Stockholm-based 3D artist and art director who specializes in crafting 3D sculptures and looping animations. Soon after his internship program at the prestigious "Hyper Island" school in Stockholm, Wannerstedt relocated to LA to work for a studio named "Exopolis," where, while working on projects for Apple and Hollywood blockbusters, he was introduced to 3D and its endless potential. He has since collaborated with world-famous brands such as Google, Adidas, Ikea, Coca-Cola, Spotify, COS, Audi, Omega and Swarovski.


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