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LG SIGNATURE's New Digital Campaign Is Set to Enthrall and Delight with World-class Exhibitions and Performances

LG SIGNATURE is collaborating with its distinguished partners from the world of art and culture for its latest digital campaign. Bringing uplifting artworks and performances into the home, the new campaign features Russia's Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the American Ballet Theatre (ABT), and Italy's exquisite La Scala opera house. At a time when visiting anywhere in person can be challenging, LG SIGNATURE hopes that its gift of artistic excellence and refined elegance will bring joy and smiles to households all over the world.

Advanced Technology Meets Artistic Mastery: Pushkin Museum

A brand built on the philosophy of "Art inspires technology, Technology Competes Art," LG SIGNATURE recently formed a partnership with the renowned Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia. Through an agreement with the Russian government's National Priorities organization, the luxury lifestyle brand is supporting a major component of its national project that strives to digitalize the country's rich cultural heritage and make every unmissable work of art available to a wider audience.

To begin with, LG SIGNATURE is working with the Pushkin to create a series of virtual tours of the museum's collection in conjunction with Russia's leading online video streaming service, IVI ( From the comfort of their own homes, people will be able to explore many of the impressive artworks held by the museum for free, starting with Claude Monet's famous Luncheon on the grass series.

The two are also working together on other digital projects, including the creation of closeup images and videos of selected masterpieces that will be shown on LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K at the Pushkin. These cutting-edge screens will be shown off at the museum's upcoming events, where they will display truly stunning 8K resolution that showcases the museum's artwork through supremely detailed images and captivating videos revealing the grace and precision of each individual brushstroke. The new 8K content will help viewers to connect more deeply with some of the museum's greatest works of art and bring the mastery of the artists who created them fully into focus.

A Cinematic Display of Elegance: American Ballet Theatre (ABT)

Following a successful collaboration in May of this year, LG SIGNATURE, the official Global Electronics Partner of ABT, is once again joining hands with America's leading ballet company. The premium home appliance brand will present a highlights video – captured in stunning 8K Ultra HD – of ABT's holiday performance of The Nutcracker featuring principal dancers Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside. Showcasing all the best moments from the beloved festive classic, and celebrating the cinematic innovation that is LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K.

Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art: La Scala

LG SIGNATURE is continuing its partnership with Milan's incomparable La Scala opera house, this time for a special video of the great Giuseppe Verdi's cherished opera, Rigoletto. Opera fans everywhere can expect more exclusive digital content from LG SIGNATURE and La Scala in the future.

These high-end art and culture collaborations were inspired by LG SIGNATURE’s essence of connecting art and technology seamlessly. By successfully combining meaningful innovation with a timeless aesthetic, the luxury brand is able to help soothe people’s minds at a time when the ongoing pandemic seems so overwhelming to so many, providing them with the invaluable comfort at home they deserve and can share with those they hold dearest.


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