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Art & Culture

accentuates artistic
performance and unrivaled
technique through golf

Company Showcases the Coming Together of Art and Technology with Precision and Performance by Collaborating with Top Golfers

LG SIGNATURE is highlighting its boundless passion for perfection within the esteemed world of professional golf by sponsoring two of the world's top female golfers in Jin Young Ko and Sung Hyun Park. The ultra-premium brand has recently become synonymous with the world's most sophisticated pastime as they must both strike the perfect balance between luxury, elegance and focus to achieve truly world-class performances.

LG SIGNATURE personifies the sport's values with its beautifully crafted, exquisite products that boast excellent quality, functionality, and style. And by possessing an undeniable commitment to excellence and a reputation built on truly world-class performances and unparalleled techniques, Ko and Park represent the pinnacle of sport artistry which makes them ideal ambassadors for LG's ultra-premium brand.

Golf as an Artform

Sung Hyun Park first lifted a golf club when she was in second grade, her professional career teeing off on the global stage in 2017 when she was 23. She burst onto the scene by winning her first LPGA major championship, the 2017 U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship, and a triple crown in her rookie year. Just two years later, she had won the LPGA tour five times during which she claimed her being completely absorbed and immersed in the game gave her the determination and longevity to start building a legacy in the sport, not just as a player striving for wins, but for perfecting her swing as well.

Famous for hitting remarkable long shots off the tee, Park's unmistakable technique is art in itself. She credits her physique and strong, agile lower-body turns for her trademark powerful, fast swing, as well as her ability to maintain a consistent rhythm that lets her hit the ball with aesthetically satisfying swings and extreme precision every time.

"Golf can be extremely difficult because there's no set formula, but that's what makes the sport so attractive – it's almost a form of art," said Park. "I always consider my surroundings. Every golf course makes for a different style of artistic play and I know my skills can captivate more viewers when I hone in on my own unique style."

Precision-techniques Made Perfect

Jin Young Ko dreamt of becoming a golfer as soon as she first set eyes on the awe-inspiring U.S Open trophy while watching TV as a young child. And after picking up her first professional victory at the 2018 ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open and winning her first LPGA major with the 2019 ANA Inspiration, followed in quick succession by the 2019 Evian Championship crown, Ko not only achieved her dream but transcended it by becoming the number one ranked professional golfer in the world. The two-time major winner must frequently remind herself to enjoy the sport for what it is, as her focus on perfecting her play can become overwhelming at times.

Ko's distinctly exquisite and elaborate style of striking the ball with such precision is beyond any comparison. Her meticulous focus and drive on improving her special technique makes certain she never misses a detail when it comes to preparation. For big games, Ko focuses on each shot methodically and tries to keep a clear head in the face of many distractions.

"There is no same putting which is why technique is so crucial," said Ko. "I have to follow certain techniques to swing exactly the way I want, and I have to hold great self-control when conflicting between the shots I want to take, what I can do and what I have to do. I must always be patient when getting my body used to certain techniques that will give me an edge on the course, but it requires endless practice sessions to achieve my goal of perfection."

Perfecting Performance
through Art and Technology

With its most decorated players regularly pulling off art-like performances and unrivaled techniques on the course, golf remains the epitome of sporting excellence and shows us how art and technique can combine beautifully to inspire perfection. LG SIGNATURE shares this philosophy in that the ultra-premium brand has the distinct ability to combine art and technology, creating polished craftsmanship in all its products.

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