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The great moments in Las Vegas:
LG SIGNATURE delivers memorable showcase at CES 2021

Premium Brand Combines the Magic and Majesty of Las Vegas with Its Artistically Inspired Products in Carefully Curated Online Exhibition

With the theme of The Great Moments in Vegas, LG SIGNATURE's virtual showcase for the all-digital CES® 2021 is set to capture the imagination of 'visitors' from around the world. Pairing its latest, premium products with suitably stunning scenes from Las Vegas, the brand's exhibition pays tribute to the distinctive character of the city that, in any other year, would play host to the annual event.

As carefully curated as the minimalist design of LG SIGNATURE's world-class appliances, the online exhibit will allow users to explore the very latest in luxury lifestyle innovations, inducing sleek, OLED TVs – the LG SIGNATURE OLED R and OLED 8K – the Wine Cellar, refrigerator, washing machines, air purifier, oven, and dishwasher.

New Experiences, New Possibilities

The first-ever TV with a flexible OLED display, LG SIGNATURE OLED R is the very definition of a game changer. The large, rollable screen can fully retract into the TV's base when not in use, providing a new level of spatial integration and an entirely new user experience. Much like Las Vegas, LG SIGNATURE OLED R represents a rejection of old ideas and the embracing of new possibilities.

LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar: Precise Control

LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar and the city in the desert share an almost unmatched ability to satisfy connoisseurs of good wine. While Las Vegas's many fine-dining establishments offer the opportunity to experience some of the world's best wines, the Wine Cellar provides the perfect solution for storing, and enjoying them at home. With precision temperature control that keeps fluctuations within ±0.5 degrees Celsius and can be independently adjusted for each shelf, the Wine Cellar has what it takes to preserve the full flavors of any bottle.

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator: Intuitive Style and Innovation

Stylish and functional, the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator keeps food garden-fresh and delivers convenience in the most sophisticated way. Activated with two quick knocks, LG's InstaView™ technology illuminates the fridge's interior, recalling the spectacular fireworks displays that frequently light up the night sky above Las Vegas.

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machines: Silent and Elegant

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machines are, in some respects, reminiscent of the city's iconic High Roller, the world's tallest observation wheel. On Gentle Care mode, the washers provide professional-quality cleaning for delicate garments, with the slow, smooth motion of the drum echoing the quiet, elegant rotation of the 550-foot structure, which stands at the center of the celebrated Las Vegas Strip.

LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier: Choreographed Water

With its Rain View Window, the exquisitely designed LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier puts on a show that echoes the mesmerizing display of Las Vegas's world-famous fountains. While the air purifier cleanses and refreshes the air, the water visible inside appears to 'dance,' moving in a rhythmic fashion that is immensely satisfying to watch.

LG SIGNATURE Oven and Dishwasher: Impeccable, Minimalist Design

The undeniable aesthetic appeal of the LG SIGNATURE Oven and Dishwasher reveals an attention to detail and a complete understanding of understated, minimalist design. Featuring the brand's exquisite Textured Steel™ Finish, both products reflect and absorb the light from their surroundings, creating colors like those of the memorable sunsets that bathe the Las Vegas desert in a warm, welcoming glow.

As unique as the city of Las Vegas itself, LG SIGNATURE's latest innovations at CES 2021 are a reminder that the brand remains as committed as ever to offering consumers the very best.