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Milan Design Week 2019

LG unveiled an art installation at Milan Design Week 2019 to highlight the brand's technological leadership combined with unrivalled design. Continuing the partnership that designed the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, 'Redefining Space' was a further collaboration between LG Electronics and renowned British architecture and industrial design firm, Foster + Partners.

Marking the first unveiling of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R in Europe, 'Redefining Space', was an immersive visual and auditory journey that celebrates LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R's sculptural quality and unique ability to adapt to the rhythms of life.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R - redefined the relationship between a TV and the space it inhabits. Its sculptural quality and unique ability to disappear allowed it to adapt to the rhythms of life and seamlessly integrate with any setting. 'Redefining Space' was an immersive visual and auditory journey.

It explored the entire colour spectrum through vivid images taken from all areas of life – from the smallest to the largest scale. The on-screen content made full use of the unrivalled OLED display technology, which is contrasted and complemented with ambient lighting effects - suggestive of changing light through a window. The position and intensity of light changed throughout the day, which evokes a sense of time passing.

Foster + Partners had collaborated with LG to develop the new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, the world’s first rollable TV. The practice had designed the TV’s external geometry and finishes as well as playing an active part in creating specific internal mechanisms. The screen technology was set to redefine the idea of the television and the living spaces it occupies.

The new LG OLED TV R flexible screen allows freedom from walls and offers a sense of liberation to design interior spaces. This offers a new level of immersion. OLED TV R redefines the definition of TV with a variable form factor only made possible by the company’s industry-leading OLED technology.

The Vision

Full View. A display that rolls out of its discrete enclosure. A whole new cinematic world appears right before your eyes.

The Horizon

Line View. The partially rolled screen allows you to browse apps and media. A specialized feature, exclusive to LG SIGNATURE’s OLED TV R.

The Hidden

Zero View. A screen that disappears completely, leaving a quiet sculptural presence. LG ThinQ allows the OLED TV R to be used for apps and audio with no screen visible.

In the exhibition, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R was also installed within the iconic Basilica designed in 1977 for Cassina by design legend Mario Bellini.

On the ground floor, LG SIGNATURE premium lineup was presented in a modern lifestyle setting. On display were the company’s OLED TV, refrigerator, air purifier and washing machine.

Especially, the washing machine was created in a partnership with the renowned industrial designer Torsten Valeur. The design of the washing machine represents a sense of eternity, inspired by the moon reflected in a peaceful lake. On top of that, LG SIGNATURE wine cellar was newly unveiled at the exhibition. LG SIGNATURE’s wine cellar features innovative technologies such as voice recognition, Auto Lift Drawer that allows for easy access to the wine inside and Multi Temperature Control that provides the ideal storage conditions for different types of wine.

LG SIGNATURE products have been stripped of all features that detract from the brand’s spirit, resulting in the streamlined look that exemplifies products of the finest quality that deliver a sense of exclusivity to its owners.


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