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Art & Culture

Modernist spaces and
clean minimalist design

Minh T is a photographer based in California. Originally trained as an architect, he has since worked as a graphic designer and art director, before transitioning to working as a photographer.

His signature style is to capture simplicity and elegance while creating a sense of escapism through visual storytelling. When Instagram came along, he started posting his work on the platform, and this helped him find a large audience who were interested in his minimalistic photographic style.

In 2017, his account was named the “Best Individual Instagram” by Surface Magazine. Through social media, many clients have discovered his work, and because of this, he has collaborated on projects with companies such as BMW, Issey Miyake, Aman Hotels, Mr Porter, Lexus, Soho House, and Adidas, to name but a few.

“LG SIGNATURE’s design philosophy of ‘The Art of Essence’ really resonates with me. My signature style is about purity, contemplation, and timelessness.” 

“It’s the idea that once you distill a scene to its essential elements, you can see the beauty that lies in its light, geometry, or mood.  I love the idea of creating an image that could belong in the future, or even the past.”

“For the collaboration with LG SIGNATURE, I created images that are composed of very few essential elements—pure geometric shapes and angles of modern architecture, graphic patterns of lights and shadows—that all play together to highlight the beauty of the product.”

“What really sets the brand apart is that element of surprise LG SIGNATURE products possess. These products are truly magical and a joy to use, thanks to features like the refrigerator lighting up when you knock on it, the washing machine having a hidden compartment, the thin-as-wallpaper TV screen, and the air purifier which allows you to see the raindrops doing the work inside. It’s wonderful to see how that magic can fit so harmoniously into your daily life. Similarly, in my work, I always try to find that sense of magic, whether it’s through storytelling or creating a composition that has an element of harmony and surprise.


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