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Art & Culture

Eye of the beholder #2 –
Peter Tarka

Modern geometry with minimal designs

Prolific social media artist Peter Tarka has created a global reputation for himself through his digital CGI visionary work that covers everything from technology and lifestyle to the world of fashion. His most recent collaboration with ultra-premium appliance brand LG SIGNATURE is certainly turning heads, with his trademark contemporary style fusing perfectly with the luxury brand's minimalist philosophy, 'The Art of Essence.'

Tarka was quick to express his admiration for the LG SIGNATURE brand, especially the subtleties that make up each of its products. He was able to complement the modern design of LG SIGNATURE's appliances with sleek surfaces and eye-grabbing objects, even animating his installments to bring the scene to life while mimicking the motion of the product to great effect.

The simple form every LG SIGNATURE product boasts really caught Tarka's eye. Possessing an art style that utilizes simple geometrics, he quickly identified LG SIGNATURE's products as perfect fits for his distinct designs.

Creating a space resembling a gallery was his goal – by featuring LG SIGNATURE products as art installations inspired by interior design and architecture, he undoubtedly achieved it.

Bringing these advanced appliances into the home, all be it quite a surreal one, Tarka plays with color and develops his theme across the spectrum. Shattering the historical stereotypes of boring and lifeless appliances, LG SIGNATURE has been able to break the mold and even set new trends for homes the world over. A striking combination of lines, materials, light, and geometry is the driving force in Tarka's work, who claims to be a true admirer of architecture and space.

Regarding LG SIGNATURE products, he held much appreciation for the handle-less designs which made it difficult to recognize the appliances at first, but they represent a way he tries to have fun within his own work. While carefully crafting the newest editions to his collection, he made sure to keep that mysterious vibe and stay true to the original design that had him so enamored in the first place.

"By placing LG SIGNATURE products center stage, I wanted to transport the audience into the artwork across all formats and dimensions. I particularly enjoyed the details and feel of each product, which made the transition more straightforward and effective."

The renowned 3D Illustrator has worked with numerous top-name premium brands including Audi, BMW, Yoox, Furla, Guerlain, Van Cleef and Arpels, Apple, Google and more, even scooping prestigious Silver and Bronze Lions at last year's Cannes Festival for his work with Net-a-Porter.

Autograph of Peter Tarka.

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