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Eye of the beholder #1 –
Santi Zoraidez Studio

Santi Zoraidez Studio created a series of artworks to visualize elegance and simplicity of the LG SIGNATURE line

Argentina-born art director Santi Zoraidez, creator of many spellbinding pieces involving moving illustration and digital rendering, recently worked with ultra-premium brand LG SIGNATURE to create a series of artworks to help visualize their lineup. Zoraidez emulated the luxury brand's philosophy of 'Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art,' for this special project, and feeling inspired by the quality and exclusivity of LG SIGNATURE, strived to make his art thematically align with the collection. The acclaimed artist used elegance and simplicity as his two main concepts to best highlight the advanced products.

Santi drew inspiration from the world's first real OLED 8K, which delivers the most color, depth, and detail ever seen on a large screen. Marveling at the immersion brought by its massive display and stunning graphics, he translated this sentiment into his own artistic expression with the TV's realistic 8K resolution blending into the background for a deceptively true-to-life scenery.

For the luxury refrigerator, Santi reflected the premium yet minimal features of its durable and textured steel finish in his work. He aimed to create a uniquely modern dining room elevated by the InstaView Door-in-Door, an innovative glass panel that turns from black to transparent with just two knocks. Patterned after the imagery of moonlight against a charcoal sky, Santi expressed simplicity and minimalism together in their most impeccable form.

Santi's artistic vision also came into play for the air purifier. He was able to evoke a feeling of tranquility by surrounding the appliance with a color palette boasting natural, wood and green tones after adopting the theme of nature. This theme was accentuated by the purifier's Rain View Window, a built-in watering system, which helped audiences visualize the humidification process.

Santi Zoraidez is a passionate art director and designer with a true desire to transform ideas into striking artwork. Santi's work combines digital and reality with great sense of space, colour, light and inventiveness to create top-notch projects with a modern and fresh feel.

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