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style icon Olivia Palermo:
The very essence of
luxury living

Premium Brand Teams Up with the Face of Modern Elegance and Sophisticated Living in New Digital Campaign

LG SIGNATURE is highlighting the art of luxury living with its beautifully designed, cutting-edge products and help from international style authority, Olivia Palermo. An acknowledged fashion and beauty trendsetter, Palermo is seen by many as the epitome of elegant, modern living – making her the perfect person to take part in LG SIGNATURE's latest digital campaign.

Palermo loves that LG SIGNATURE is completely in sync with who she is as a person and with the way she likes to live. An Intuitionist, Curator, Expressionist and Multitasker – keywords that the new campaign is organized around – Olivia creates an incredible sense of harmony in all that she does; echoing the way LG SIGNATURE strikes a perfect balance of technology and artistic design in each of its peerless products.

Intuitionist: Intuitive Style and Technology

A fashion creative director, model, entrepreneur and style icon, New York-based Palermo has great natural instincts when it comes to knowing what will look best on her, what is going to work stylistically for a photoshoot, and which pieces will resonate the most with consumers.

Similarly, the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator seems to 'intuitively' know what users need, a feat made possible by the thoughtful implementation of user-centric features. Just by knocking on the tinted glass door of the fridge, Olivia can instantly see what is inside the Door-in-Door compartment without having to opening it. Then, she can quickly access this useful storage area to grab a healthy snack on her way out the door, reducing cold air loss from the main compartment.

Curator: Combining Diverse Element to Create Perfection

Olivia has an innate ability to curate her world. It starts with her outfits, which seamlessly bring together clothing items, accessories, hair and makeup to create flawless looks for any occasion, or to communicate a certain feeling, or even just to express a mood. LG SIGNATURE is also an adept curator; pulling together diverse elements to produce
sublimely-crafted products such as its stunning Wine Cellar. Combining advanced temperature and light control, and equipped with a touch glass door that offers easy access and management, the Wine Cellar provides the ideal conditions for storing wine. As a result, Olivia knows that whenever she does have the opportunity to savor her favorite wines, the flavors, textures and aromas will all be exactly as they should.

Expressionist: Creating a Compelling Story with Color

Palermo uses fashion, and especially color, as a vehicle for self-expression and as a means of communicating her individual sense of style and values to the world. Color conveys emotion, and no TV provides a more emotionally compelling viewing experience than the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV. With the ultimate in color expression and contrast, and razor-sharp 8K resolution from SELF-LIT OLED, the TV delivers images that are jaw-droppingly realistic.

When time allows, Olivia loves to watch a good movie or documentary on her LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV and enjoys how its large screen and unrivalled picture quality make any kind of content feel more cinematic. The modern, minimalist style of the TV also blends in effortlessly with her distinctive décor, complementing the curated selection of paintings, furniture pieces and art objects that make her space feel so warm, and look so aesthetically pleasing.

Multitasker: Creating Synergy and Getting More Done

It is no secret that Palermo wears many 'hats.' She plays multiple roles, including business woman, designer and model, and finds that each one complements the others, ultimately making her better at all of them and helping her become a more well-rounded person.

An outstanding multitasker in its own right, the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ washing machine has the ability to take care of two loads simultaneously, which is of immense value to someone as perpetually busy as Olivia. It also provides optimal fabric care for Olivia’s enviable wardrobe, ensuring her favorite pieces look like new whenever she puts them on.

A name that has quickly become synonymous with luxury living, Olivia Palermo is an obvious choice for the role of LG SIGNATURE Lifestyle Endorser. Her inimitable style and strong desire to bring perfection to everything she does make her the ideal ambassador for LG's premium brand. The same artistry and innovation that define Palermo's growing fashion and lifestyle empire are also what makes LG SIGNATURE the appliance-maker of choice for discerning consumers worldwide.


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