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with James Suckling,
one of the world's
most powerful wine critics

Collaboration to Highlight the Global Launch of LG SIGNATURE's New Wine Cellar

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James Suckling, LG SIGNATURE strategy to enjoy and collect wine

Wines are placed on the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar. 1. Necessity of wine storage
James Suckling is pouring wine into the wine glass. 2. Preparing for the wine moment
There are a lots of wines and glasses on the bar table. 3. Properly tasting wines
James suckling is standing next to the table. 4. The new classic collection

Acclaimed as "one of the world's most powerful wine critics" by Forbes, James Suckling is now the ambassador for the newly launched LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar. Suckling, who has international recognition as a top wine critic, is the perfect spokesperson to present the new wine cellar on a global level.

The CEO and editor of, a respected online resource for wine ratings and industry news, Suckling began his career in wine criticism in 1981, joining The Wine Spectator as an assistant editor. He went on to become the publication's senior editor and European bureau chief, roles he held for almost 30 years.

Suckling will work alongside LG SIGNATURE, sharing his knowledge and passion for wine and highlighting the innovative features and technologies that make the new product the perfect wine storage solution.

"It is an honor and a pleasure to be working with LG SIGNATURE," said Suckling. "I have always had amazing experiences with the brand's premium products, and the new wine cellar is no exception. Its cutting-edge technologies protect and preserve wine perfectly, while its convenient features and timeless design bring value and style that one can't help but savor."

The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar boasts innovative, user-friendly features designed to make consumers' lives easier and exclusive technologies that create the ideal storage environment for any variety or vintage.

Holding up to 65 bottles, the new wine cellar leverages LG's Temperature Control and Inverter Linear Compressor to keep temperature fluctuations, ensuring the stable conditions necessary to preserve the flavor and texture of wine.* At the same time, Optimal Humidity Control helps every bottle to stay at its very best by optimizing humidity levels inside the cabinet.**

  • * Based on UL test results using LG's internal testing method of measuring average peak to peak temperature fluctuation in the wine storage compartment. Applies to LGE model URETC1408N. No load and high, middle, low temperature settings. The result may vary in actual usage.
  • ** Based on UL test results using LG's internal testing method of measuring average humidity in the wine storage compartment. Applies to LGE model URETC1408N. No load and 51.8°F temperature setting. The result may vary in actual usage.

And, Three optimal temperature zones provide ideal conditions to preserve and bring out the unique flavors of red, white, and sparkling wines.

The new model also taste comes with InstaView™, making it possible to see inside simply by knocking twice on the door. On top of that, the triple-pane mirrored glass of the InstaView™ door represents an additional layer of protection to help safeguard the individual and aroma of each wine.

Thanks to the Optimal Preservation Technology™, the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar minimizes temperature fluctuations, reduces vibrations, limits light exposure, and locks in humidity, so your most cherished wines can age and reach their aromatic potential just as they would in traditional wine caves.

Front view of LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar.
Wine Cellar


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