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Berlin's interior style

Berlin's Bauhaus design and architecture

Berlin is a city known for its eclectic character. The German city is a melting pot of the traditional and the modern, best captured in its intriguing array of architecture styles. From gothic cathedrals and renaissance castles to baroque palaces and modernist towers – the ever-changing architecture of Berlin mimics its diverse history. The arrival of the 20th century introduced a new cultural idea of creating functional, rational and minimalist designs, far removed from romantic Roman columns and embellished frontages.

Known as the Bauhaus movement, this period of time introduced functional facades made of steel, glass and concrete, which today echoes the balance of form and function at LG SIGNATURE's core. As innovators in modern technology and beautiful design, LG SIGNATURE believe in embracing timeless aesthetics with a focus on utility. This ethos sets the stage for striking design spaces, inspired by renowned architect, Mies van de Rohe, and famous artist, Wassily Kandinsky.

* City of Berlin's Bauhaus style is composed of minimal, cold, and rigid materials.

Bauhaus design places a focus on simple geometric forms. LG SIGNATURE's 88" OLED TV serves as the focal point of this space, with SELF-LIT pixels to make every scene fill the room. The slim floor-standing design provides a statuesque presence, while the TV's stark angles imitate the rectangular furniture, arranged in a semi-circle. Moreover, the beauty of the 88" OLED TV is that its streamlined steel frame has been designed to blend into a room while offering a subtle nod to contemporary technology. The minimal design and angular stand allow the 8K picture quality to speak for itself, with perfect viewing from virtually every seat in the room. Paired with supple leather chairs and metal-based stools, this space offers a nuanced insight into Berlin's Bauhaus history.

Elevated on a concrete platform, LG SIGNATURE's InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator and Wine Cellar look like futuristic sculptures in this Bauhaus-inspired space. While a single steel column supports an upper level, the LG SIGNATURE appliances blend surreptitiously into the cool greys of the Berlin apartment. With sleek mirrored glass panels that illuminate with two quick knocks, the Refrigerator and Wine Cellar command attention when required, allowing you to view the contents without reducing the internal temperature.

Berlin's Bauhaus design paved the way for contemporary architecture, creating a 'less is more' aesthetic that we still covet today. This design movement aims to maintain aesthetics while using purposeful, sustainable and readily available materials. LG SIGNATURE's designs reiterate this idea of creating simple, sustainable products that are built to last, but also made to hold our homes to a high standard of beauty, function and intelligence.

LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, OLED 8K TV, Refrigerator, and Washing Machine.
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