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City trip: Explore
San Francisco's interior style

Explore San Francisco's eclectic interior design and beautiful spaces that combine the modern and the traditional

San Francisco is renowned for its eclectic architecture, built upon a fascinating landscape of hills and coastline. This unconventionality makes it a natural inspiration for LG SIGNATURE's latest synergy of modern technology and historic architectural design. From Victorian townhouses to 1930s Streamline Moderne, San Francisco's classical aesthetics are fused with functional efficiency to create a city of eccentricity. LG SIGNATURE is pioneer of modern technology; bringing a sense of conformity to a city known for its quirkiness.

* City of San Francisco's brick warehouses is composed of brick and industrial materials.

The exposed brick walls of this SoMa warehouse are reminiscent of San Francisco's early days as an industrial hub. Set beside smooth timber and black steel, this tapestry of textures is tied together with LG SIGNATURE's state of the art technology and modern designs. The Gold Rush era building is brought to life with modernist elements, while pops of burnt red and orange offer an evocative reminder of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Ever a mix of time periods and trends, San Francisco's interior flair allows the past, present and future to coexist, much like LG SIGNATURE's philosophy that exceptional style will span the decades.

At a glance, the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K is sculptural in appearance, blending into the modern furnishings and traditional style of this San Francisco warehouse. The super-thin floor standing design offers practicality without compromising on the historic aesthetic of the room. Colonial beams and bare bricks are tied together with streamlined semi-circular armchairs, mimicking the curve of the feature staircase and offsetting the OLED 8K's linear stature.

* Flexform's several furnishings like 'Jiff' are utilized in the image.

Barely there yet ever-present, the 88" OLED screen offers perfect views from virtually every angle. The SELF-LIT pixels provide comfortable viewing, with the option to choose from ten different screening modes. Despite being the largest LG SIGNATURE 8K TV, it can fit into a variety of surroundings thanks to its sleek design. The juxtaposition of such a high-tech product against the natural red brick of this San Francisco warehouse creates a multi-layered living space; allowing the structure of the industrial building to speak for itself.

* Flexform's several furnishings like 'Olive' are utilized in the image.

The illuminated glass panels of both the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator and Wine Cellar breathe innovation into this traditional room. The Wine Cellar's Optimal Preservation Technology is designed to minimize temperature fluctuations, making it an excellent atmosphere for your collection. Meanwhile, the InstaView's contents can be illuminated with two knocks, allowing you to see inside without opening the door. The modernity of these appliances should look incongruous against the bare brick walls, timber floors and roman-style column, yet the textured steel finish of LG SIGNATURE's products offer an enhanced perception of space, simplicity and style.

LG SIGNATURE's cutting-edge technology and design are embedded in the history and elegance of a bygone era, making them a natural partner to the eccentricities of San Francisco. LG SIGNATURE's contemporary high-end products are entwined with San Francisco's traditional interior style and architecture sophisticatedly.

LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, OLED 8K TV, Refrigerator, and Wahing Machine.
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