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Seoul's interior style

Seoul's traditional hanok architecture and modern interior

Seoul's architecture has undergone profound changes over the centuries. Now known for its modernist high-rises and skyscrapers, traditional Korean architecture placed a deeper focus on connection and sustainability. In the 14th century, Korean houses (or 'hanoks') – built from wood, stone, clay and paper – were designed to bring the natural world inside. With careful consideration around creating a holistic setting, hanoks were traditionally positioned in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. LG SIGNATURE mirrors this authentic focus, creating state-of-the-art technology that is designed to bring harmony to living spaces in a sustainable, thoughtful and considered fashion.

* City of Seoul's hanok is composed of wood, stone, clay, and paper materials.

Traditional Korean houses have evolved over centuries, but this architectural space fuses the heritage of a hanok with the innovation of LG SIGNATURE's technology. This living room creates a balance between the old and the new, with bare wooden beams providing a frame for the OLED 8K TV's slim floor-standing design. Panoramic city views are balanced with the SELF-LIT technology of the OLED TV, offering a sharp picture and smooth motion in every scene. Complemented by Flos's modern lighting fixtures, this contemporary space creates an unlikely fusion between modern and traditional Seoul.

*Flos' Glo-Ball floor dimmable lamp is utilized in the image.

Against the panoramic backdrop of Seoul's city lights, the exposed wooden beams threaded with Hanji paper embrace the rich history of the city's past. The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar stands front and centre, the Textured Steel frame bringing a sense of modern to this traditional space. While hanoks were traditionally designed to keep cool in the summertime, the Wine Cellar's Optimal Preservation Technology™ and temperature control means you don't have to rely on the elements. The curvaceous sofa and arched dining table provide a fluidity to the dining area, where the harsh lines of the wooden pillars, panelled floors and Wine Cellar are softened against a hazy sky.

The layout of this bathroom is in perfect harmony with the hanok positioning, designed to showcase and frame the beautiful landscape while maximising air circulation. As the moon's reflection quivers in the sunken bathtub, the serene aesthetic mirrors the quiet technology of the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine–silent, still and simply stunning. With an enamel body and tempered glass door, the Washing Machine's Centrum System offers reduced noise and vibration for a seamless, quieter washing experience.

The traditional aesthetic of a hanok represents a consideration of the natural environment, with a focus on using holistic materials to offer a sustainable way of life. This mindset is the cornerstone of LG SIGNATURE, showcasing innovative technology in a way that protects and enhances each individual environment for a contemporary way of life in a historical setting.

LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, OLED 8K TV, Refrigerator, and Washing Machine.
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