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Luxe Victorian apartment:
Classic meets contemporary
with Flexform

London is a city of two halves; a mix of heritage design and evolving architecture. Where old meets new, London is a fitting backdrop for LG SIGNATURE and Flexform to showcase a synergy of modern and traditional design. Flexform is a third-generation Italian design house renowned for contemporary design rooted in timeless craftsmanship. A leader in contemporary design, they create sustainable, high quality products that are made to span the decades.

* City of London's luxe Victorian apartment is composed of roman columns and vintage materials.

Steeped in history, London's architecture has evolved over the centuries. From gothic abbeys to neo-futuristic skyscrapers, the old and new are interlaced at every touchpoint. Therefore, the integration of LG SIGNATURE and Flexform into a traditional design space seems inherently natural; embellishing the traditional regency backdrop with touches of modernism in the form of clean lines, earthy tones and cutting-edge technology for the contemporary home.

The sleek lines and modern silhouette of the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K are the perfect contrast to the Victorian cornices and parquet floors. The ultra-slim design blends into the room when not in use, yet demands attention when the 8K picture springs to life. These modern and traditional elements are bridged with Flexform's furnishing items - a sculptural icon draped in supple leather - and a marble-topped coffee table.

* Flexform's several furnishings like '1983 Max sofa' are utilized in the image.

The subtle beauty of the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K is that it delivers true colors, infinite contrasts and sharp details without overwhelming the room. With over 100 million SELF-LIT subpixels and Real 8K, this 88" TV – the largest OLED TV – offers an authentic cinema experience from every angle without compromising your space. Combining historic designs with modern technology has never been so seamless.

* Flexform's several furnishings like 'Clarke dining table' are utilized in the image.

Like a silhouette of the London skyline, lines and curves offer endless opportunities. The LG SIGNATURE Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator showcases stark lines of scratch-resistant textured steel, which house a unique Linear Cooling system to maintain a set temperature throughout. Meanwhile, the mirrored glass panels on the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar combine modern technology with style and convenience, including the ability to control the temperature, humidity, vibration and light at your command. Showcased beside Flexform's cool marble and metal dining table, these sleek forms merge the modern and the traditional to create a sophisticated space ideal for fine dining.

This collaboration showcases LG SIGNATURE and Flexform's mutual focus on blending the classic and the contemporary to create exquisite products. London was the perfect inspiration for these concepts to come to life, melding the old and new to create something truly unique.

About Flexform

Flexform is an Italian industrial enterprise with a solid culture of expertise in the production of sofas and other furnishings valued for their high artisan value. Its brand identity and success are built on a series of shared values that lie at the very core of the corporate mission. Made in Italy, Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Quality, Design Consistency, Modernity, Beauty, Durability.

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