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Living modernism in the
age of technology

* Living modernism is composed of natural light, grey tones, free form, and touch of color.

Technology is the ultimate innovator, and when married with sleek designs and contemporary craftsmanship, it can even influence our everyday behavior. As pioneers of designs with purpose, LG SIGNATURE and Italian furniture design house 'Kartell' have come together to fuse functional engineering with glamorous aesthetics for a truly memorable collaboration perfectly showcasing Kartell's illustrious 70 years of history, culture, and elegance with LG SIGNATURE's innovative and ultra-premium products.

* Kartell's several furnishings like 'Uncle Jack couch' are utilized in the image.

Much like Kartell’s contemporary designs, LG SIGNATURE’s innovation lies in the details. The LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV’s linear aesthetic – with its ultra-large screen and beautifully understated stand - is perfectly offset by Kartell’s use of swooping curves and organic materials to complete the special feeling of a modern living space.

LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV, the world's first and largest OLED 8K television, complements Kartell's thoughtfully designed furnishings like a hand-crafted sculpture. Its Art Furniture Stand blends in effortlessly while simultaneously creating a panoramic centerpiece for the gorgeous 88-inch screen. Kartell's use of muted furniture lets LG SIGNATURE TV harmonize with the environment, without hindering its ability to deliver outstanding color, depth, and detail when in-use.

* Kartell's several furnishings like 'A.I. chair' are utilized in the image.

Set against a sophisticated palette of modern greys, alabaster whites and earthy silvers, the intelligent mirrored glass panels of the Refrigerator and Wine Cellar transition from black to transparent at your command, for purpose and style. Organic architecture and cool technology can live in harmony thanks to the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and Wine Cellar, the simplicity of textured steel, smart storage and thermal barriers turning these everyday appliances into luxurious experiences to be had daily.

* Kartell's several furnishings like 'ERO|S| swivel chair' are utilized in the image.

Opposites attract, which is why this curvaceous bathroom contrasts superbly against the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™. Like a moonlit sky’s reflection on a glistening lake, the ergonomically designed white enamel body and black glass door offer a refined exterior to the unrivaled engineering found beneath. With an internal ball balancer, targeted stain removal, and the ability to wash two loads at once, the design goes far deeper than its sculptural exterior. Intertwined with Kartell’s flowing furniture, after seeing the two elements together it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

These concepts were brought to life through the synthesis of technology, design heritage and true class. Modern living unites the LG SIGNATURE range and Kartell's contemporary furnishing items, and shines a bright light on two brands at the forefront of contemporary design.

About Kartell

Kartell is renowned for its 70 years of history, of family, of culture and design, of industrial products, news materials and cutting-edge technologies.

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