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The Art of Hosting -
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LG SIGNATURE is thrilled to present "The Art of Hosting" film series in association with Monocle. Through a charming collection of five short films, LG SIGNATURE and Monocle demonstrate how to perfect the role of host for every special occasion, with LG SIGNATURE's advanced products showcased via mesmerizing moving illustrations throughout. Each unique movie focuses on one integral aspect of hosting, each displaying a new inspiring individual to explain their personal experience and know-how when it comes to living their interpretation of a beautiful lifestyle.

In this latest series, LG SIGNATURE focuses on the excellence of the premium brand's lineup, with top tips coming from major influencers and the thoughtful reimagining of printed illustrations into enchanting animation. All five motion pictures boast influencers' real voices and actual background sounds coming from their homes, which helps audiences imagine a new life of hosting friends and family with LG SIGNATURE. To explore more of "The Art of Hosting", head to LG SIGNATURE's official Youtube Channel.

01. The Guest List -
Air Purifier

A flair for gathering friends in Paris

The first step in hosting is putting together a guest list: a delicate operation that requires diplomacy and some social engineering. Daphné Hézard, founder and editor in chief of Regain magazine – a French journal about countryside, agriculture and farming – takes an editorial approach by drawing up a large list and whittling it down to an ideal collection of diverse personalities. To achieve a clean and serene environment for both making your list and welcoming guests, choose the LG SIGNATURE Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier.

02. The Mood -

A light touch in the Spanish Pyrenees

Setting the mood for an evening of drinks and dinner is best achieved through the careful lighting of one's surroundings. Javier Marset – co-owner of Catalan lighting company, Marset – favours the low glow of directional illumination and a casual atmosphere to put guests at ease when visiting his modern retreat in the mountains. The fastest way to freshen up after a long day on the slopes is to use the LG SIGNATURE Washer/Dryer Combo; its TWINWash and Dual Control features will save valuable time before guests arrive.

03. The Food -
Refrigerator & Range

A refined feast in the heart of London

Bringing guests into the kitchen is an ideal way to involve them. Bertie de Rougemont – founder of London's chicest catering company, Cellar Society – certainly knows a thing or two about hosting. When he's entertaining for friends, de Rougemont favours the smell of home cooking and perfectly chilled cocktails to get them in the mood. The InstaView™ Door-in-Door® display on the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator also adds some drama when entertaining in the kitchen – once experienced there is no going back.

04. The Drink -
Wine Cellar

A nose for the right wine in Tuscany

An invitation to one of James Suckling's soirées at his Tuscan villa is a rare treat. An influential wine critic, Suckling's approach to choosing wine is characteristically considered. He will often theme the evening by grape, country or wine style but also might present wines based on the mood or the tastes of people attending. Correct storage of any vintage is incredibly important. The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar allows variable control of temperature, humidity, vibration and light levels.

05. The Environment
Rollable OLED TV

A knack for managing milieu in Munich

The environment in which we entertain reflects our personality and offers our guests a personalised glimpse into our lives. German product designer Stefan Diez invites friends to his studio in Munich for a rare look behind the scenes of the operation that has made him one of the world's most sought after design talents. The LG SIGNATURE Rollable OLED TV helps to redefine this creative space into an extraordinary party venue at the touch of a button. Find out how to become the consummate host with LG SIGNATURE in our five-part series 'The Art of Hosting'.


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