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The marble effect

LG SIGNATURE marries innovative technology with one of nature's finest forms, marble, to create sustainable, durable and sophisticated spaces.

Marble has been a symbol of luxury and distinction for thousands of years. Originally used as a building material, today it serves as a focal point in interior design, with its distinctive colors, veins and streaks transforming living spaces across the globe. Not only is marble a mark of beauty and taste, but it's also a product of nature formed by heat and pressure in the earth's crust. The blend of nature and innovation is the perfect match for LG SIGNATURE's designs, showcasing the best in contemporary, sustainable living.

Architects and designers have long held marble in the highest esteem for its innate beauty and practicality. Temples, palaces and churches across the globe have become living museums for this precious stone, cut from mountains across Spain, Italy and beyond. The timeless veins and unique shades have seen marble become a frequent fixture for design-conscious consumers, emitting a sense of contemporary elegance that is steeped in history. This focus on design that is durable, beautiful and distinctive is matched by LG SIGNATURE; creating pioneering products that are both functional yet striking.

* The image on the screen is simulated.

Set against an opposing slab of Spanish Marquina Black marble – internationally recognized for its rare white veins and unique beauty – the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K is framed like a glittering skyscraper against the city's midnight sky. The elegance of the veined calcite is the perfect backdrop for the OLED TV's SELF-LIT pixels, which deliver the richest colors and deepest blacks while drawing the eye to the polished marble surround. The result is a dynamic, contemporary living space oozing with sophistication.

* The image on the screen is simulated.

Earth meets metal in this luxurious living space; fusing the unique, high-end characteristics of the Marron Emperador marble floor with the cool steel of the OLED TV's Art Furniture Stand. Quarried from southeast Spain, this warm-toned marble brings touches of brown and black to this minimalist room, allowing the 8K resolution of the OLED TV to take center stage. The natural elements of the smooth marble floor are the perfect juxtaposition to LG SIGNATURE's technology, offering a superior viewing experience.

A Mediterranean haven steeped in golden sunlight, it's almost impossible to imagine this scene without a glass of cold Italian wine in hand. The textured steel façade of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar invites you to turn its darkened InstaView glass transparent with two quick knocks to illuminate the contents. The ripples of the distant ocean are seemingly reflected in the golden veins that run throughout the stunning Calacatta marble, known as one of the most rare and exceptional marbles in the world. Crafted in Italy, this unique marble connects with the dark framed glass to bring a sense of the outdoors in, with light radiating from this sun-drenched space.

This Nero Portoro marble wall and countertop is the pinnacle of sophistication; famed for its rare gold veining that is coveted in luxury design. It becomes the perfect natural backdrop for the textured steel finish of the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and Wine Cellar, which breathe innovation into this contemporary space. While the wood and marble bring a sense of classical nature to this modern kitchen, the state-of-the-art appliances have been designed to offer minimalist beauty and outstanding design, with an energy-efficient cooling system that can't be rivalled.

Marble is synonymous with opulence and sophistication, rooted in nature and history. Sustainable, durable and beautiful, marble possesses many of the characteristics that inspire LG SIGNATURE to create conscious products with form and function at the forefront.


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