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The wood aesthetic

LG SIGNATURE couples technology and design with premium wood to curate sustainable spaces enhanced by nature

Wood, in its purest form, is the epitome of sophistication. This natural element never conforms, with the ability to be hard or soft, light or dark, smooth or rough. These opposing characteristics can transform spaces in a sustainable, long-lasting way. Wood is persistent, much like LG SIGNATURE's pioneering technology and designs. LG's modern technology is the perfect juxtaposition against the powerful properties of nature.

Wood has been a firm feature in design and architecture across the centuries. Enduring, elegant, and essential, wood's flexibility lends itself well to modern and traditional spaces. With the ability to flow seamlessly from one room to the next, or contrast with varying textures, grains and colours, each piece of wood is unique. From polished mid-century modern with a focus on functionality to a minimalist urban style peppered with character, wood has the power to transform spaces like no other material naturally. This ability to transcend space and time is an ethos close to LG SIGNATURE's core; producing luxury technology made to last.

* Lignum Vitae Wood is utilized in the simulated image

Nature is ever-present in this sophisticated living room, with the feathered grain of Lignum Vitae - famed for being the heaviest, hardest and one of the rarest woods in the world – framing the panoramic views of the city. The sharp cityscape is mirrored by the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K. Using deep learning algorithms, the LG OLED TV showcases a life-like picture by enhancing detail and definition. This combination of the natural world and modern technology reiterates the LG SIGNATURE philosophy of creating contemporary furniture with technology, creativity and style at their core.

* Brazilian Rosewood Wood is utilized in the simulated image

Geometric lines form the backbone of this glamorous kitchen, with the fine grain of Brazilian rosewood fitting amongst the marble wall and LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator like a jigsaw puzzle. Brazilian rosewood is treasured for its rich colour and unique grain, and perfectly contrasts the veined marble wall and sleek black flooring. With a linear cooling system that never varies by more than 1°, the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is as cool as this beautiful kitchen. The Black Diamond Glass conceals the contents but illuminates with two quick knocks to reveal your favourite foods without opening the door.

* African Blackwood is utilized in the simulated image

A picture of modern sophistication, the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is the focal point in this elegant dining room. Set against a backdrop of African Blackwood – one of the most expensive and coveted woods in the world – and encased in a textured steel body, the Wine Cellar mimics that of a wine cave. The Optimal Preservation Technology™ has been designed to reduce vibrations, regulate conditions and lock in humidity to allow the wines to reach their aromatic potential. The wood's natural grain is an excellent contrast to the Wine Cellar's exterior; brushed over 100 times to create a sleek, scratch-resistant finish.

The natural properties of wood are boundless. Used for both decoration and structure, wood is one of the most malleable mediums in luxury design. With LG SIGNATURE, the infinite characteristics of wood inspire us to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle complimented by nature, powered by technology.


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