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Master Stories #2
- Antoine Preziuso


Antoine Preziuso is a world-renowned independent watchmaker based in Switzerland and is revered as one of the very few masters of time for his work on the revolutionary triple tourbillon design that broke new ground for watch accuracy.

As one of the most respected horological experts with over 40 years of experience, Preziuso continues to pave the way for artisans the world over through his pioneering ideas and endless pursuit for perfection.

With his iconic timepieces and LG SIGNATURE's innovative products both embodying exquisite design and mechanical excellence, he took on the role of LG SIGNATURE's global ambassador, heralding the beginning of LG SIGNATURE's master series.

After dedicating his life to creating legendary timepieces that will forever remain in horological history, Preziuso fulfilled his lifelong ambition by taking a fresh approach to the traditional tourbillon mounting arrangement - a delicate mechanism designed to negate the effects of gravity by placing the escapement in a rotating cage.

He equipped three tourbillons at 2 o'clock 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock on a dial which turn in 10 minutes and 2 mainspring barrels for perfectly balanced symmetry. But this invention did not come easy. It took nearly 10 years of research and development to invent this movement with 3 tourbillons composed of 670 spare parts, marking the first triple tourbillon in 200 years.

This achievement allowed new levels of functionality and preciseness while leaving a monumental mark on watch-making history. His award-winning timepiece, 'Tourbillon of Tourbillons', exemplifies how remarkable results can be achieved when art meets technology at the hands of a true craftsman.

His innovative thinking is not limited to component arrangement. Just like LG SIGNATURE's beautifully distinctive, nature-inspired designs, Antoine Preziuso draws inspiration from natural events and movements epitomized by his use of genuine 'meteorite' material for a completely unique yet brilliant timepiece, a first of its kind. He explains that a meticulous focus on every minor detail, like the selection of unconventional materials, is part of his relentless strive for perfection that differentiates a true masterpiece from a regular, rather uninspired watch.

Although every single step from designing to assembling requires a great deal of imagination, effort and time, he reiterates that the demanding process is pivotal in creating a watch that embodies true beauty and mechanical brilliance. Describing himself as a poet and painter with fine craftsmanship, he states art and technology as inseparable entities. "If we know how to create art and develop technology, then we know how to combine them and produce remarkable, and often groundbreaking, results", he added.

Defining his signature as another form of 'identity', the esteemed horologer says his identity lies in craftmanship, characterized as passion, patience, and perseverance toward a true masterpiece. This enables him to realize the Art of Essence that has become synonymous with the LG SIGNATURE brand.


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