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Art inspires technology.
Technology completes art.
– Refrigerator

Representing the best of art and technology, LG SIGNATURE is launching a new digital campaign under the slogan ‘Art inspires technology. Technology completes art.’ Displaying a new paradigm in refrigerator design with innovative features, LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is redefining user convenience.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator instantly adds a premium value to kitchen, boasting near-silent performance and precise temperature control. The foundation of the fridge is LG’s renowned Inverter Linear Compressor, which, unlike a conventional compressor, uses a straight piston drive. An inspired design, the compressor is subject to less internal friction, enabling it to convert linear motion into cooling power more efficiently while also minimizing temperature fluctuations. The Inverter Linear Compressor helps keep food fresher for longer, with the added benefits of quiet operation and reduced energy consumption.


Another innovative feature, InstaView Door-in-Door™ prevents cold air loss and delivers maximum convenience at the same time. With two quick knocks, users can turn the refrigerator’s sleek mirrored-glass panel transparent, allowing them to see inside the Door-in-Door™ compartment without opening the door and letting cold air escape. And the significantly reduced number of door opening keeps the food at a perfect temperature consistently and elevates energy efficiency. A new paradigm in refrigerator design, LG’s revolutionary feature is redefining user convenience and capturing consumers’ attention worldwide.


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