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Art inspires technology.
Technology completes art.
– Washing Machine

LG SIGNATURE is launching a new digital campaign with the slogan ‘Art inspires technology. Technology completes art.’ The campaign highlights the unparalleled advancements that enable LG SIGNATURE to create stylish, functional appliances. The top-of-the-line performance of LG SIGNATURE washing machine enriches daily life and enables smarter living.

LG SIGNATURE’s washing machine remains perfectly stable even during the most powerful spin cycle. Equipped with LG’s proprietary Centum System™, an advanced suspension system that improves durability and energy efficiency, the washer provides gentle and effective clothing care. With a vibration sensor that optimizes spin-speed and a vibration insulator that helps to contain movement generated by the drum, the Centum System™ cuts shaking and noise to a bare minimum. Furthermore, the Dual Ball Balancer keeps loads well-balanced while a clever damping system also contributes to the overall stability of the washing machine.


Complementing the Centum System™ is LG’s Inverter Direct Drive motor, one of the greatest technological achievements in home appliance history first introduced in 1998. Because the motor is directly connected with the drum – without belts or pulleys – the LG SIGNATURE washer is quieter, vibrates less and is able to produce powerful streams of water for better washing results. It also underpins the washer’s ability to offer six different motions: stepping, filtration, scrubbing, tumbling, rolling and swinging. Most importantly, the Inverter Direct Drive motor facilitates delicate care for a wide variety of fabrics, thereby extending the life of clothing and bedding.


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