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Excellent refrigeration
for perfect wine preservation
- LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar

The seamlessly beautiful LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar comes with advanced technologies that generate ideal temperature and humidity levels, minimized vibration, and protection from UV light.

A variety of wines are placed on the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar through the instaview.

Optimal preservation

Instructional drawing of LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar, indicating red wine, white wine, and champagne storage sections.

Multi Temperature Control

Customized temperatures for different zones.

1Champagne mode provides optimal temperature for champagne storage, and cannot be controlled on a degree basis.

When LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar's instaview is knocked on twice, the black-mirrored glass panel turns transparent.


Illuminating with two quick knocks to let you see inside, temperature fluctuations are minimized to preserve the quality of the wine inside.

1Based on KCL test results of measuring UV transmittance on the 3-layered glasses.

Illustration of a Inverter Linear Compressor and a litte LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar icon on the right.

Vibration Control

Minimizing vibration preserves quality of wine by preventing over-aging and floating sediment.

The illustration of fluctuating wavelengths for explaining steady temperature setting.

Precise Temperature Control

Precise temperature care by ±33°F* that generates the best wine storage conditions.

Based on UL test results using LG's internal testing method of measuring average peak to peak temperature fluctuation in the wine storage compartment. Applies to LGE model LSR200W. No load and high, middle, low temperature settings. The result may vary in actual usage.
The illustration showing a finger icon pressing "Ventilation" option on LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar glass touch display.

Optimal Humidity Control

Optimal humidity levels (approximately 60%)* ensure corks expand to keep all the flavor inside the bottles.

Based on UL test results using LG's internal testing method of measuring average humidity in the wine storage compartment. Applies to LGE model LSR200W. No load and 52°F temperature setting. The result may vary in actual usage.

Timeless design

Three icons of LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar indicating it's scratch-free feature.

Textured Steel™ Finish

Scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an impeccable design both in and out.

LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar's eclipse display shows various refrigerator feature options.

Glass Touch Display

The aesthetically pleasing hidden display only appears when needed, upholding its unmatched convenience and simplistic design.

Comfort through

A sligh push of a button located near the instaview glass panel cause LG SIGNATRE Wine Cellar drawers to lift up automatically.

Auto Lift Drawer

The drawer opens and glides up with the push of a button, making it easier to access.

Illustration of LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar drawer divided into two sections: Freezer and Fridge section.

Convertible Drawer

Convertible drawers that allow customized temperatures for your unique tastes.

A gentle wave of a foot under the freezer opens up LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar door.

Auto Open Door™

Door opening with a gentle swipe of the toes makes wine selecting and carrying easier.

LG SINATURE Wine Cellar's ThinQ features through mobile application and voice control.

LG ThinQ®

Open the cellar door with just your voice or use the ThinQ App to monitor its operation.

  • 1Voice control support availability varies depending on country.
Front view of LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar.
Wine Cellar


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