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Master Stories #1 - Matt Clark


Matt Clark, founder and creative director of London-based art collective United Visual Artists (UVA), has ascended to the forefront of contemporary art by bringing audiences across the world sense-stirring experiences through light, sound and movement.

Combining different artistic fields, including sculptures, music, video and digital technology, he has created mesmerizing displays of light that interact with audiences and give a better understanding of the 'essence' of everything.

Matt Clark/UVA, in a collaboration with LG SIGNATURE, explains his innovative spirit and modern art philosophy, which shares many similarities with the brand's identity, for the first story of LG SIGNATURE's master series.

With an educational background in the fine arts and design, Matt Clark/UVA holds an exceptional understanding of objects and space. His ability to eloquently give shape to new ideas using every possible medium, from the humblest tool to state-of-the-art technology, has redefined modern art.

His creations share LG SIGNATURE's distinctive, nature-inspired design that signifies the 'Art of Essence.' As Clark develops complex ideas in the early stages of planning, he reduces superfluous details and chisels it down to a visible, tangible form that can communicated to his audiences via simple yet brilliant light and sound.

"Art and technology have always gone hand in hand", said Clark, adding that technology can transform an idea into reality. To this trendsetting artist, technology is more of a 'co-collaborator' that allows him to manifest a concept into something that the audience can see or experience. He and his studio exemplified this with their 2018 Beholder project, which depicted how autistic people see the world using VR technology.

Thanks to this new technology, he was able to visualize perception in three-dimensional form, proving that scientific pursuit can lead to groundbreaking art.

LG SIGNATURE collaboration provided an opportunity for Clark to compose light and color through the brand's OLED TV and its true-to-life colors. Clark/UVA utilized LG SIGNATURE's paper-thin screen as a canvas to create a moving painting with light and sound.

Inspired by the influential twentieth-century literature, 'Flatland,' he also used the art of lines and colors to effectively highlight the unraveling movement of the brand's rollable TV. Combining art and technology, he was able to create captivating visual pieces that cleverly explore the perception of space.

Clark/UVA defined his signature as, "Taking complex, almost incomprehensible subjects and transforming them into something tangible." His original ideas and bold attempts to embrace technology are synonymous with LG SIGNATURE and its Art inspires technology. Technology completes art digital campaign.


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