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Master Stories #3
- Studio Fuksas


The third story of LG SIGNATURE's master series comes from Studio Fuksas, an international award-winning architectural firm led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. Presenting innovative architectural designs to the world and inviting its audiences to true spatial experiences, the distinctive, wide-ranging works of Studio Fuksas have attested to its creativity and artisanship, establishing it as a world-renowned architectural firm in the vanguard of contemporary architecture.

Seeking genuine craftsmanship and ultimate artistry, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas believe in a design philosophy similar to LG SIGNATURE and share their thoughts on it, while also explaining how the essence of architecture adds value to people's lives by bringing exceptional spatial experiences.

Massimiliano Fuksas believes an architect exists not only to create inspiring, functional architectural work, but also convey positive energy and emotions to passersby. Studio Fuksas' remarkable Roma Convention Center and Hotel demonstrates its desire to build captivating people-oriented spaces.

After several years, and an endeavor to achieve brilliant architectural engineering by fitting the exterior with glass fibers, the building now boasts awe-inspiring design and technical completeness. Citizens of Rome can interact with each other and experience the majesty of Fuksas' craftsmanship.

Championing art and technology for a better life, Massimiliano Fuksas regards LG SIGNATURE products as works of art, aesthetically pleasing in any space and at any angle, while also delivering premium living experiences to real people.

"LG SIGNATURE shares this idea for a premium lifestyle and has a great appreciation for both beauty and functionality. Its appliances are the interaction of art and technology in its purest form."

LG SIGNATURE and Studio Fuksas are presenting an exhibition hall at IFA 2019 named Infinity as their first collaboration.

Inspired by the exceptional design and technology of LG SIGNATURE, and the endless reflections created by the kaleidoscope, the installation perfectly visualizes the brand's infinite possibilities and perpetuity.

To highlight its modern characteristics, Studio Fuksas decided to use the simple yet elegant shape of a hexagon, acting as a connection point between the kaleidoscope motif and LG SIGNATURE products.

"I don't want to rest. I want to push the limits through my art", said Massimiliano Fuksas. He defines his signature as encouraging and promoting positive emotions among the passing public, and inspiring them to build their own architectural art and technology to redefine the space.

His untiring passion for great designs and craftsmanship prove to the world what defines a true masterpiece.


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