Front View

  1. Earpiece

  2. QuickTap Bar

  3. Back Key

  4. Home Key

  5. Menu Key

  6. Home Screen

  7. Front Camera Lens

  8. Proximity Sensor

  • All screen shots in this guide are simulated. Actual displays may vary.

  • Instructions to perform tasks in this guide are based on the default settings and may change depending on the mode and software version on your phone.

  1. Earpiece Lets you hear callers and automated prompts.

  2. QuickTap Bar Provides icons for quick, one-touch access to the apps you use most often.


    You can change the icons in the QuickTap Bar to suit your needs. To reposition, add, or remove an icon, see Modifying the QuickTap Bar icons.

  3. Back Key Tap to return to the previous screen. It also closes pop-up items such as menus, dialog boxes, and the on-screen keyboard. Touch and hold it to display your most recently used apps.

  4. Home Key Press to return to the Home screen (or your default Home screen panel from any of the Home screen extension panels). You can also press it to wake your phone from screen timeout. Press and hold it to access Google Now.


    The Home Key LED illuminates when you have pending notification(s).

  5. Menu Key Tap to open an Options menu with options that affect the current screen or app. This only applies when available, depending on the screen or app.

  6. Home Screen Displays all of the items needed to operate your phone including icons for app access, widgets, and the Status Bar (with status icons) allowing simple touch access to all of its functions and features.


    Placing a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it can damage the LCD and touchscreen functions.

  7. Front Camera Lens Use to take pictures and record videos of yourself. You can also use this for video chatting. Keep it clean for optimal performance.

  8. Proximity Sensor Senses proximity toward other objects. When making and receiving calls, it automatically turns the backlight off and locks the touchscreen by sensing when the phone is near your ear. This extends battery life and prevents you from unintentionally activating the touchscreen during calls.


    Do not block the sensor or near the sensor to avoid problems with the touchscreen.