Your touchscreen provides an excellent way to interact with and use your phone. With the touch of your finger, you can download and use available apps, make menu selections, and access data saved to your phone.

The following terms are used for describing the different available actions using the touchscreen:

Touch or tap A single finger touch selects items. For example, tap an icon (e.g., an app, widget, or folder), tap words (e.g., menu selection or to answer an on-screen question), or touch letters and numbers to type.


Don't press too hard on the touchscreen. It's sensitive enough to detect a light, firm tap.

Touch and hold Touch and hold an item on the screen by touching it and not lifting your finger until an action occurs. For example, to open a Context menu for editing a contact, touch and hold a contact entry until the menu pops up.

Drag Touch and hold an item for a moment and then, without lifting your finger, move your finger on the screen until you reach the target position. For example, you can drag items on the Home screen to reposition them.

Swipe, slide, or flick Move your finger quickly across the surface of the screen, without pausing when you first touch it (so you don’t drag an item instead). For example, you can browse through the different Home screens by swiping from left to right (and vise versa), slide the screen up or down to scroll a list, or remove an app from the Recent apps screen by flicking its graphic off the screen.

Double-tap Tap the screen twice quickly to zoom, highlight text, or turn the screen off. For example, quickly double-tap a section of a web page to zoom that section to fit the width of the screen and control the zoom in Maps and in other apps. Double-tap a word to highlight it. Double-tap can also activate the KnockON feature to turn the touchscreen on or off.

Pinch-to-zoom Use your index finger and thumb in a pinch motion (to zoom out) or spread motion (to zoom in) when using Chrome, a map, photos, the rear camera lens, the Contacts list, the Favorites list, the Groups list, the Messaging list, a music list, and ThinkFree Viewer documents. Spread apart to make screen information larger (easier to see and read), or pinch together to view more area and information. The pinch gesture also changes the Home screen. Pinch in on the Home screen to change to mini panel view, then spread apart to return to the normal Home screen view. Spread apart on the normal Home screen to hide all of your Home screen items, then pinch in to redisplay them.

Rotate the screen From many apps and menus, the orientation of the screen adjusts to the phone’s physical orientation. You can deactivate this function in the Display settings menu.

Rotate the phone sideways for landscape orientation.

Rotate the phone upright for portrait orientation.

Capturing the screen Press and hold the Volume Down Key and the Power/Lock Key at the same time to capture the current image on the screen. The captured image is saved in the Gallery app in the Screenshots folder.


You cannot capture an image from some videos and apps.