Adding items to the Home screen

Customize your Home screen with the apps you use most often.

Apps screen

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon (in the QuickTap Bar) and tap the Apps tab, if necessary.


    You can also tap the Widget tab (at the top of the screen) to place a widget on the Home screen.

  2. Touch and hold the icon you want to add to your Home screen. The Apps screen closes and the Home screen is displayed.

  3. Lift your finger to place it or drag the icon to where you want it on the screen, then lift your finger.

Dual view

  1. Touch and hold an empty spot on any of the Home screen panels to view your Home screen on top and the choices (Apps tab, Widgets tab, or Wallpapers tab) on the bottom.

  2. Flick sideways to scroll through the Home screen panels to display the panel you want.

  3. Tap the tab for the type of item you want to add (Apps, Widgets, or Wallpapers) at the bottom of the screen, then flick sideways to scroll through the available choices.

  4. Tap the item you want to automatically add it to the panel viewed at the top of the screen.

Moving apps to other Home screen panels

You can place app icons on any of the Home screen panels. Touch and hold, then drag the icon to the left or right edge of the screen to advance to the other panels before lifting your finger.