To open the Notifications panel

Touch and drag the Status Bar to the bottom of the screen.

The Notifications panel displays a list of your current notifications, organized into ongoing and event-based notifications. It also includes two icon bars. The Quick Settings bar allows you to quickly and easily change commonly used settings. The QSlide apps bar allows you to use an app in a small, moveable window (similar to picture-in-picture on a TV).


You can also access the complete Settings menu from this panel by tapping the Settings icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen).

Home screen
Notifications Panel
  1. Quick Settings Bar

    Tap an icon to change its setting.

  2. QSlide Apps Bar

    Tap an icon to activate a QSlide window.

  3. Clear Button

    Tap here to clear your list of event-based notifications.

  4. Tap a notification to open it.