Quick settings on the Notifications panel

The top of the Notifications panel includes a Quick settings bar. The icons in this bar provide a quick, convenient way to change settings without accessing any apps. If you set more than five icons on the bar, swipe left and right to scroll through the list.

Using the Quick settings bar icons

Tap any of the Quick settings icons to toggle through the available settings:

  • QuickMemo starts a QuickMemo.

  • QSlide On or QSlide Off .

  • Sound On , Vibrate , or Silent .

  • Wi-Fi On or Wi-Fi Off .

  • Mobile Data On or Mobile Data Off .

  • Rotation On or Rotation Off .

  • Location On or Location Off .

  • Bluetooth On or Bluetooth Off .

  • Hotspot On or Hotspot Off .

  • Airplane mode On or Airplane mode Off .

  • Sync On or Sync Off .

  • NFC On or NFC Off .

  • Battery saver On or Battery saver Off .

  • Miracast On or Miracast Off .

  • Quiet mode On or Quiet mode Off .

  • Screen timeout 30 seconds , 5 minutes or 15 minutes .

  • Wireless storage On or Wireless storage Off .

Tap the Settings icon (at the top right corner of the screen) to access the complete Settings menu.

Customizing the Quick settings bar icons

You can set the order of the icons displayed in the Quick settings bar as well as which icons are displayed.

  1. Open the Notifications panel, then tap the Edit icon at the right side of the Quick settings bar.

    • Drag one of the icon handles at the right side of the screen to move its icon to another position in the Quick settings bar.

    • Checkmark each of the items you want to appear in the Quick settings bar.


    Changing the checkmarks reorganizes the icons in the Quick settings bar.

  2. Tap the Back Key to return to the Notifications panel.