To add a Wi-Fi network

You can add a Wi-Fi network so the phone will remember it, along with any security credentials, and connect to it automatically when it’s in range. You can also add a Wi-Fi network manually if it doesn’t broadcast its name (SSID) or if you want to add a Wi-Fi network when you’re out of its range. To add a secured network, you need to contact the network’s administrator to obtain the password or other required security credentials.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on, then tap Wi-Fi in the Settings menu.

  2. From the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap the Menu Key , then tap Add network.

  3. Enter the Network SSID (name) of the network.

  4. If the network is secured, tap Security and tap the type of security deployed on the network. Enter the required passwords and security credentials.

  5. Tap Connect to save the information.

    The phone will connect to the wireless network (if it's currently within range). Any credentials that you entered are saved, so you're connected automatically anytime you come within range of this network.