To place a call by dialing

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Phone icon (in the QuickTap Bar) to open the Dial tab of the Phone app.

    1. Dial Tab

      Displays the dialpad.

    2. Message Key

      Tap here to send a message to the number that you entered.

    3. Call Key

      Tap here to dial the number that you entered manually.

    4. Delete Key

      Tap here to delete incorrect number(s) (appears after you begin entering numbers).

    5. Touch and hold to enter the plus ( + ) symbol to dial an international number.

  2. Enter the number you want to call on the dialpad.

    • If you enter a wrong number, tap the Delete Key to erase digits one by one.

    • To erase the entire number, touch and hold the Delete Key .

    • To dial an international number, touch and hold to enter the plus ( + ) symbol. Then enter the international prefix for the country, followed by the full phone number.

  3. Tap the Call Key to dial the number that you entered.

    • Press the Volume Keys to adjust the call volume.

    • Use the on-screen buttons to enter additional numbers, place the call on hold to take another incoming call, add another call, use the speakerphone, end the call, and other options.

    • You can use other phone features while the call is underway. If you open another app, the Call icon appears in the Status Bar for the duration of the call.


If you opened other apps while on a call, you'll need to return to the Call screen to end the call. To return to the Call screen, you can press the Home Key , then tap the Phone icon (in the QuickTap Bar), or drag the Notifications panel down and tap the Call icon . You can also tap the ongoing call icon in the upper-left corner of the Home screen.