Instant List

Instant list is displayed on the Dial tab to help you use the information stored in your phone without needing to search for it first. Once you begin entering numbers, Instant list displays entries from your Contacts list or Recent calls that match the sequence you entered.

Sequence matches

Your phone searches for the entered sequence anywhere in the number; beginning, end, or anywhere in-between. The matching number sequence is displayed within the number in blue text. The name and type of number (i.e., Mobile, Work, etc.) associated with the number you entered is displayed above the dialpad. When there are multiple matches, the Instant list displays the number of matches in your phone's memory. Tap the Instant list icon on the right side of the screen to view the entire list of matching entries. Tap Cancel (at the bottom of the screen) to close the list.

Selecting an Instant list entry

Tap an entry in the Instant list to insert it on the dialpad and tap the Call Key (on the dialpad) to dial it.