To set up a conference call

Contact your wireless service provider to find out whether they support conference calls and how many participants you can include.

  1. Place a call to the first participant.

  2. When you’re connected, tap the Menu Key > Add call.

  3. Enter a phone number on the dialpad.

    • Use the Phone app tabs (at the top of the screen) to select a saved number.


    • Use the keys on the dialpad to manually enter a number.

  4. Tap the Call Key (on the dialpad) to place the call.

  5. After you’re connected, tap the Merge calls button . The participant is added to the conference call.

  1. Merge Calls Button

    Tap here to merge the separate calls into a conference call.

  2. Speaker Button

    Tap here to turn the speakerphone on (or off). The light bar illuminates when the speakerphone is on.

  3. Mute Button

    Tap here to mute the microphone during a call. The light bar illuminates when the microphone is muted.

  4. Dialpad Button

    Tap here to dial another number to participate in the conference call.