Manage Content settings

Adjust the type of content that websites can show and the information they can use to enhance your web experience.

  1. From the Chrome app, tap the Menu Key > Settings.

  2. Tap Content settings.

    • Accept cookies: Checkmark to enable websites to store small files on your phone in order to save your preferences on websites or keep you signed in. Remove the checkmark to prevent webpages from storing cookies on your phone.

    • Enable JavaScript: Checkmark to enable JavaScript. Many web developers use JavaScript to make their websites more interactive. Sites may function correctly only if they can run JavaScript on your phone.

    • Block pop-ups: Checkmark to prevent websites from showing additional windows automatically.

    • Protected content: Tap to change this settings. On allows websites to authenticate your device to ensure it is authorized to play premium, protected videos.

    • Google Translate: Tap to change this setting. On allows Google to translate pages written in other languages using Google translate. You can also reset your translate settings from this setting.

    • Location settings: Tap to set your location access used by websites.

    • Website settings: Tap to set advanced settings for individual websites.