Email settings

Open the Email app, tap the Menu Key , then tap Settings.

General settings

  • Set default account Tap to select which email account to designate as your default account.

  • Select download storage Tap to select to save email to Internal storage or SD card.

  • Email preview Tap to set how many lines of email text to download on your phone as a preview.

  • Conversation view Checkmark to view the email messages sent or received with the same subject in one thread.

  • Split view Checkmark to display your email list on the left and an open email message on the right when the phone is held in landscape orientation. This setting is grayed-out if the Auto-rotate screen setting (in the Settings Display menu) is off.

  • Load linked images Tap to select when you want to load linked images.

  • Ask before deleting Checkmark if you want to be asked before deleting email.

  • Auto-advance Tap to select which screen to display after deleting or moving an email.

  • Resize image Tap to set the default size for an image attached to your email.

  • Trusted certificates Tap to view the list of trusted certificates that you added.


Tap an account to access settings specific to that email account including:


  • Account name Tap to change the name to easily identify the account.

  • Your name Tap to change your name displayed with your sent email.

  • Use signature Checkmark to send a signature with your email from this account.

  • Signature Tap to change the signature sent with your email from this account.


  • Update schedule Tap to choose the schedule for updating email.

  • Folders to sync (for Exchange accounts) Tap to select which folders you want to sync.

  • Days to sync email (for Exchange accounts) Tap to select how many days you want to sync email for.

  • Message format (for Exchange accounts) Tap to set the format you want to receive email in.

  • Number of emails to show Tap to set the number of emails to display.

  • Message size limit Tap to set the maximum message size your phone will display automatically. To view a received message that exceeds the limit you set, tap Load full message at the bottom of the Inbox screen.

  • Download over Wi-Fi Checkmark to download large attachments when connected to Wi-Fi.

  • File size to download over Wi-Fi Tap to select the file size limit for files you want to download over Wi-Fi and not the mobile network.

  • Accounts & sync Tap to access your accounts and sync information.

  • Calendar events to sync (for Exchange accounts) Tap to select how long you want to sync your Exchange Calendar events.

  • Auto resend times Tap to set the number of tries to resend a failed email message.

  • Always Cc/Bcc me Tap to automatically insert your mail address in the Cc field or the Bcc field (or select Off) when you compose an email.

  • Out of office settings (for Exchange accounts) Tap to configure your out of office message.

  • Security settings Tap to set digital signatures and encryption to secure your email.

  • Corporate directory (for Exchange accounts) Tap to search for recipients using the Exchange account’s online directory.

  • Server policy (for Exchange accounts) Tap to view the current server policy.


  • Notifications Checkmark to display new email notifications.

  • Notification sound Tap to set the sound when you receive a new email notification.

  • Vibrate Tap to set when the phone will vibrate for a new email notification.


  • Exchange server settings (for Exchange accounts) Tap to manually change your Exchange server settings.

  • Incoming server settings (for IMAP/POP3 accounts) Tap to view and/or modify your incoming server settings.

  • Outgoing server settings (for IMAP/POP3 accounts) Tap to view and/or modify your outgoing server settings.


  • Remove account Tap to remove the account.