Recording a quick video

  1. Open the Camera app.

  2. Tap (or slide down) the Mode switch icon to toggle it to Video mode. The camera Mode switch icon changes to and the Capture button changes to .

  3. Point the lens toward the subject of the video.

  4. Tap the Record button once to start recording.

  5. The video length timer begins counting. You can tap the Pause icon to pause the recording, then tap the Record icon to resume the same recording file.


    Tap the Capture button to take pictures while recording video.

  6. Tap the Stop button to stop recording.


    Tapping the Back Key will also stop the recording.

The recording retains the orientation in which it was taken. If you hold the phone both vertically and horizontally to take pictures, you’ll need to rotate the phone to view full screen images in the Gallery app.