Using QuickMemo toolbar options

The QuickMemo toolbar options at the top of the screen allow you to easily create memos. Tap the toolbar tab to access the QuickMemo option icons, and tap it again to hide them.

Overlay: Tap to activate the overlay feature which superimposes your QuickMemo on the screen so you can see your memo no matter where you navigate through your phone's software.


Tap the Touch Keys icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to enable or disable the Touch Keys while using the QuickMemo feature.

Memo background: Tap to select the current background screen, a notepad, foggy glass, or parchment for your QuickMemo background.

Undo: Tap to undo the most recent action.

Redo: Tap to redo the most recently deleted action.

Pen: Tap to select the pen type and color. Tap the memo background to close the pen selection. You can also select the cropping tool.

Erase: Tap to use the eraser to erase any part of the memo that you created.

Share: Tap to share the memo with others via any of the available apps.

Save: Tap to save the memo you’ve created to the QuickMemo album in your Gallery.