To view information about an event

Days with saved calendar event(s) are indicated with text and color within the selected calendar.

  1. Calendar Icon

    Tap here to go back to Calendar view.

  2. Edit Icon

    Tap here to edit the event.

  3. Delete Icon

    Tap here to delete the event.

While viewing an event’s details:

Tap the Reminders fields to change the reminder settings, tap Add reminder to add another reminder, or tap the Remove reminder icon to remove the reminder.

If you have permission to change the event, you can tap the Edit icon (at the top of the screen) to edit the event. Also you can tap the Delete icon (at the top right corner of the screen) to delete the event.

To share or copy an event, tap the Menu Key , then tap Share in the Options menu. Choose the method for sharing and complete as necessary. Or, tap Copy to copy the event information and save it to a new date.