Play a Voice Memo

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon (in the QuickTap Bar) > the App tab (if necessary) > Voice Recorder .

  2. Tap the List button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap the voice memo you want to play.

  4. Use the following options while listening to a voice memo.

    • Tap the Pause button to pause the recording.

    • Tap the Stop button to end the playback and return to the List screen.

    • Tap the Volume icon to increase or decrease the volume.

    • Move the slider on the recording bar to listen to a specific part of the voice memo.

    • Tap the Bookmark icon to mark a place within the recording so you can jump directly to that spot when you play the recording.

    • Tap the Trim icon to trim away segments at the beginning or end of the recording.