Tap the Bluetooth switch to toggle it On or Off. Turning this feature on allows you to pair and connect to other Bluetooth devices. Turn it on and tap Bluetooth to use and manage your Bluetooth devices.


  • AS876: Checkmark to allow other Bluetooth devices to see your phone for pairing and connection. This name changes if you change the name for the device.


The list of all of the available in-range Bluetooth devices.

Tap the Menu Key in the Bluetooth menu to access the following options.

  • Edit phone name: Changes your phone name for easy identification when pairing and connecting. Enter your new phone name, then tap Save.

  • Visibility timeout: Sets the amount of time other Bluetooth devices can see your phone for pairing and connection.

  • Show received files: Displays a list of your Bluetooth received files.

  • Help: Displays help guides for using Bluetooth.


Tap Search for devices at the bottom of the screen to search for in-range Bluetooth devices.