To unlock the phone

If you don’t use the phone for a while, the screen backlight will turn off to conserve battery power. To wake up the phone and unlock the screen:

  1. Turn the screen on.

    • Press the Power/Lock Key on the right side of the phone.

  2. The default Lock screen will appear.

    • To unlock the screen, swipe your finger across the screen in any direction.

    • To use a Swipe Lock screen shortcut, swipe the shortcut icon (at the bottom of the screen) in any direction. The screen will unlock and launch the app.


The default Lock screen simply locks the screen to prevent unintentional actions. For more security to guard against unauthorized use, you can set an unlock requirement (such as a pattern, PIN, or password) that will need to be entered to unlock it. Please refer to Using a Screen Lock for more information.


Swiping from the left edge of the Lock screen to add a widget to your Lock screen.