Connecting to Mobile Networks

When you buy your phone and sign up for service, your phone is configured to use your provider’s mobile networks for voice calls and for transmitting data.

Different locations may have different mobile networks available. Initially, your phone is configured to use the fastest mobile network available for data. You can also configure your phone to access a different set of networks entirely, or to behave in specific ways when roaming.

The following icons in the Status Bar indicate which kind of data network you’re connected to and the network signal strength.

Connected to the 4G network (LTE).

Connected to the EVDO network (EVDO revA).

Signal strength - the more bars that are lit, the stronger the wireless signal.

Connected to another wireless service provider’s network (roaming).

When connected to slower networks, you may want to postpone using your phone for data-intensive tasks until you’re connected to a faster network again or find a Wi-Fi network to connect to.