Email settings

Open the Email app, tap the Menu icon (at the upper-right corner of the screen), then tap Settings.

General settings

  • Set default account: Tap to select which email account to designate as your default account.

  • Select download storage: Tap to set download storage location to Internal storage or SD card.

  • Email preview: Tap to set how many lines of email text to download on your phone as a preview.

  • Conversation view: Checkmark to view email messages sent or received with the same subject in one thread.

  • Split view: Checkmark to display your email list on the left and an open email message on the right when the phone is held in landscape orientation.

  • Load linked images: Tap to select when you want to load linked images.

  • Ask before deleting: Checkmark if you want to be asked before deleting email.

  • Auto-advance: Tap to select which screen to display after deleting or moving emails.

  • Resize image: Tap to select the default size for an image attached while composing.

  • VIP settings: Tap to set Notifications, Sound, and Vibrate for VIP lists.

  • Trusted certificates: Tap to view the list of trusted certificates that you added.


Tap an account to access settings specific to that email account including:


  • Account name: Tap to change the name to easily identify the account.

  • Your name: Tap to change your name displayed with your sent email.

  • Use signature: Checkmark to send a signature with your email from this account.

  • Signature: Tap to change the signature sent with your email from this account.


  • Update schedule: Tap to choose the schedule for updating email.

  • Folders to sync (for Exchange accounts): Tap to select which folders you want to sync.

  • Days to sync email: Tap to select how many days you want to sync email for.

  • Message format (for Exchange accounts): Tap to set which format you want to receive email in.

  • Message size limit: Tap to set the maximum message size your phone will receive and display automatically. To view a message that exceeds the limit you set, tap Load full message at the bottom of the Inbox screen.

  • Delete from server: Tap to set when to delete files from the server.

  • File size to download over Wi-Fi: Tap to select the size limit for downloading files over Wi-Fi.

  • Accounts: Tap to access your accounts and sync information.

  • Calendar events to sync (for Exchange accounts): Tap to select how long you want to sync your Exchange Calendar events.

  • Always Cc/Bcc me: Tap to automatically insert your mail address in the Cc field or the Bcc field (or select Off) when you compose an email.

  • Out of office settings (for Exchange accounts): Tap to configure your out of office message.

  • Security settings: Tap to set digital signatures and encryption to secure your email.

  • Corporate directory (for Exchange accounts): Tap to search for recipients using the Exchange account's online directory.

  • Server policy (for Exchange accounts): Tap to view the current server policy.


  • Notifications: Checkmark to display new email notifications.

  • Notifications sound: Tap to set the sound when you receive a new email notification.

  • Vibrate: Tap to set when the phone will vibrate for a new email notification.


  • Exchange server settings (for Exchange accounts): Tap to manually change your Exchange server settings.

  • Incoming server settings: Tap to view and/or modify your incoming server settings.

  • Outgoing server settings: Tap to view and/or modify your outgoing server settings.


  • Remove account: Tap to remove the account.