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To keep your dishwasher performing at its best, it's important to periodically clean the spray arms and filters. See how simple it is.

Cleaning the spray arms

Check to make sure there is no debris blocking the water jet holes in your spray arms. To clean the lower spray arm, remove the lower rack and then pull the spray arm upward. To clean the top spray arm, remove the top rack and then turn the arm counterclockwise to unlock it. Clean them with soap and water and reattach them before using your dishwasher again.

Cleaning the filters

To clean the filters in your dishwasher, first remove the lower rack. Then turn the cylindrical mesh filter clockwise to remove it and after that lift off the stainless steel filter base. Clean both filters under water and clear any debris that may be trapped. Then reattach them, placing the larger stainless steel filter base in first and then the cylindrical filter—making sure that they snap securely back in place. Note: It's important to regularly check on and clean your filters so as not to compromise your dishwasher's cleaning performance and to avoid odor.