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LG Range - Infrared Broiler Cooking Tips

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 01/19/2019
LG Range - Infrared Broiler Cooking Tips
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LG Range - Infrared Broiler Cooking Tips

  • Welcome to the LG customer support channel.

  • This short video will provide you with some helpful tips for cooking with your LG infrared broiler.

  • Your LG infrared grill broiler has three settings, high, medium, and low to offer you the greatest flexibility on how you prepare your foods.

  • To cycle through the different broil settings simply press the speed broil button once for high, again for medium and once more for low.

  • The high setting is best used for steaks, chops and any other items in which you want to obtain a deep savorfull sear.

  • Through the LG service center via telephone, or through the LG smart diagnosis smart phone application.

  • The medium setting is preferable for fish and thicker cuts of meat that you would like to cook medium well or well done.

  • When choosing cookware for broiling your food all broiling for high and medium settings should be done on a pan specifically designed for broiling that is cool and compliantly clean before cooking.

  • A broiling pan is not necessary for the low setting but is still recommended when possible.

  • For optimal results food should be centered on the broiler pan as best as possible.

  • When placing the pan in the oven for cooking, place the pan directly underneath the broiler.

  • Due to the intense heat of this broiler you may experience moderate smoke during normal broiler operation.

  • This smoke is a natural byproduct of searing food and should not cause you to worry.

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